John F. Kennedy High School
9th Battalion JROTC

The Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

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Cadet  Activities

Cadet Challenge

During this time of year, all our cadets are busy getting fit and taking on ROTC's annual Cadet Challenge 


  •  All cadets in each let level will be tested on:
    • Mile Run
    • Curl ups
    • Pull ups (with an option of bar hang)
    • Shuttle run
  • All in which will be times
  • Each cadet has the chance to come in and practice during lunch or off periods but in class, everyone is given a practice day (scores will be recorded) and the final day. (Scores will then be compared during the final so all cadets could see their improvements)
  • There are two types of level in which each could fall into wheather it be standard or principle.
  • I hope that you all give it your best and challenge your own self to do better each time! Good luck to you all!